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Priyanka Chopra is the only actress in Bollywood who is blessed with beauty, brains, success and wealth. I do not remember any actress who possessed all the four rare qualities simultaneously. Apart from acting, she is well known for her singing, writing and social activities as well. Recently she was invited to the Oscar award ceremony. She is causing waves overseas with her popularity in the US for Quantico, the US TV show. She is perhaps the first Indian film star to achieve such a success in abroad.

Priyanka Chora was born when Taurus Ascendant was rising. And the third lord moon is very well placed in the ascendant the first house. Moon in the Taurus is exalted and in its best form since moon in the sign of Venus. If her graham Bala and Bhav Bala are analyzed, then this is found that, except mercury all the other six major planets have had greater Ishta Phala than Kasht Phala. Comparison of ishtaphal and kashtphala is the best way to calculate the leisure and happiness in the life. And in case of Priyanka six planets show Ishta the auspiciousness.

Lord Krishna was also born in the Taurus ascendant. The Taurus ascendant is known for the materialistic happiness and they have good aesthetic senses. The exalted moon has given an additional reward to the horoscope.
The horoscope is too strong for the Sukha, the happiness, leisure and all kinds of material gains. She has many costly cars and houses because the Chaturthamsa chart, a chart viewed for houses and vehicles is very strong.
In the second house there are three major planets Venus ,Mercury and Rahu. The second house is full of Dhanyogas and Raj yogas as second and fifth lord, are placed here with ascendant lord. The second house is giving her an impressive and influential voice.

But apart from all the leisure and matetrialistic happiness there are indications of an unsatisfied or bad marital life. The horoscope is not favorable for the satisfactory marital life. In Sthan Bala, seventh house has got minimum 330 points which is the least among all other houses. Seventh lord Mars is placed in the fifth house with Saturn is very bad indication for her marriage. Even in the Ashtakvarga Priyanka Chopra has merely 24 points in her seventh house. Both Saturn and Mars are in the Virgo sign which is in the inauspicious 64th Navamsa.

Jaimini Darakaraka karaka for marriage is Sun. Sun is badly afflicted by Saturn and Rahu. Again the Venus is badly afflicted in the horoscope. Ascendant lord is placed with eleventh lord and sixth lord, which indicates a separation and multiplicity in relations. Afflicted Venus seldom gives marital bliss. The Navamsa chart is also indicates a bad marital life. She is not going to get married at least for next 3 to 4 years. Her horoscope indicates horoscope of a spinster.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

20 फ़रवरी से जून 2016 तक का काल खंड देशद्रोहियों की साज़िशों का है!

मंगल आज 20 फ़रवरी 2016 की शाम को ब्रश्चिक राशि में पहुच कर शनि के साथ हो जाएगा भारत के सातवें अर्थात जनता के घर में जून 2016 तक रहेगा ! शनि औरमंगल एक साथ रहकर गुरुचांडाल युक्त राहु से केंद्र में रहेगा  सातवाँ घर मेदिनी ज्योतिष् में जनता का होता है ! यहाँ पर शनि और मंगल का साथ मे रहना बहुत ही बुरे संकेत दे रहा है ! यह बहुत ही ख़तरनाक ग्रहीय स्थितियाँ हैं! शनि मंगल की राशि मे और मंगल के घर मे ही आ गया है ! मंगल शनि सूर्य केतु से तथा बृहस्पति राहु से भी केंद्र मे है! राष्ट्र विरोधी ताकतें विदेशी राष्ट्र से मिलकर कुछ उथलपुथल की कोशिश करेंगी ऐसा कुंडली में सॉफ सॉफ दिख रहा है! इस बीच ससेसेन्सिटिव समय काल 17 एप्रिल से 17 जून तक का है !17 मार्च से मंगल 10 डिग्री के नज़दीक होगा ! सेंसीटिव टाइम यहाँ से शुरू हो जाएगा !

कुल मिलाकर अभी से लेकर जून 2016 तक का कल्ल खंड देशद्रोहियों की साज़िशों का है !

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Friend Boyfriend and Marriage- mercury mars and Jupiter

Mars is the energy the nutrient and the man in the horoscope of a woman, without permission of the mars no woman can even think to get conceived and the same mars is responsible for the men in her life who became her source of confidence and pleasure. All the joy received by the woman by men is because of the mars.
Venus is the girlfriend and wife both for a male. But the situation is totally different in the case of a woman. Here mars  is the boyfriend e and Jupiter is husband whereas  mercury is the best friend only for a girl. Mercury is the male friend of a pretty girl whom she shares all his pain sorrows and happiness but he is merely a friend and he never got a chance to propose her, not boyfriend because he has not the guts and sexuality like mars and nor he is responsible like Jupiter. And that is why the quality of a husband is found in Jupiter, mature and responsible. And ultimately mars win the girl from mercury but since the mars has its energy for his self-growth and don’t share its energy  and doesn’t want to Compromise at any cost for their individual Level growths and when they are asked for to sacrifice their goals for the partnership Sake they always leave the relations. Jupiter has the virtue of responsibility and care. So only because of Jupiter the marriage sustains not because of mars.
The mars in the horoscope of a girl predict everything about qualities of her boyfriend. A good astrologer after going through merely the birth chart can trace his boyfriend from a crowd of men. The sign and house of mars tell the properties and characteristics of the boyfriend. . Many times a suave girl is seen engaged with a bad boy. This is only because of placement of mars in any sign or house. This is predestined in the horoscope of a girl that what kind of boy would be her boyfriend a suave guy or ultramodern playboy type. Mainly the zodiacs sign matters.

If a woman has signs of Jupiter and Venus eg.sagittarious Pisces or Taurus and Libra the husband will be gentle, well placed and controlled the mind. if the seventh house is in the sign of mars e.g. Aries or Scorpio or mars is posited therein the husband will be rash and hot temperament but also full of sexuality and vigor. If there are signs of mercury in the seventh house e.g. Gemini or Virgo the husband will be wise and intelligent and looks younger than his age if the mercury is placed there. If there is a sign of Saturn e.g. Capricorn or Aquarius the husband looks some older in age more if the Saturn is also placed there.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Republic Day Horoscope 2016: What is in the store for India and Politicians?

(Article already published on 26 th jan in - A Times of India Astrology Website.Sushil Kumaar Singh is an expert in the Panel of
Important forecasts -
 1. This year again is not going to be proven good for P.M Narendra Modi.
2. Least chances of the returning of any party in power till the end of year.
3. A big shot in politics will be exposed having a foreign monetary links and a big sex scandal will also shake the nation.
4. Many CMs, ministers, governors will lose their office.
5. Terrorist soft target may be hotels tourist places and luxurious places.
.6.Sonia and Rahul‘s 2016 will not be good at all.
7. Despite many odds and evens Arvind Kejriwal will experience satisfactory results.
8. No good news for Indian economy too.
 Natural calamities, sex scandals and terrorist attacks and big expose regarding a big shot of ruling party at centre seems imminent this year. This year again authors and intellectuals will be in news for various reasons including some involvement in unlawful activities. Saturn sub Vinshottary phase of debilitated Jupiter is in operation till February 2016 in the republic day horoscope of India. Mercury sub period will start from February 2016.Fourth lord mercury in tenth means change of maximum chief ministers and governors and ministers. A scandal with any big shot of ruling party regarding woman or having monetary connection with foreign connections from abroad will be the headlines. All kind of means of communication and conveyance will get momentum. India shall achieve great progress in railways road water and air transport. But at the same time few big personalities of Cinema TV media shall be in News and any big personalities shall be exposed and will be in great trouble. Not good time for every political party in power in India in the centre and state as well. No political party is about to return in power after elections and the opposition shall become stronger day by day. But the republic day horoscope (26th January 1950, 10:25 New Delhi) gives many hopes after many sufferings. Good growth in telecommunication and transport and aviation sector is being reflected from the horoscope.
Time phase between 20th February and 18 September is not good for the nation because some great natural calamities and terrorist attacks may take place. July to September is too sensitive. The hotels tourist areas may be the soft targets. July august September months is time phases of aggression and India may involve in any big action against terrorism during this phase.
Varshphala of Republic Day Horoscope:
The varshfala for year 2016 of 26th January 1950 horoscope of Indian republic Day is not good. The muntha is in the eighth house giving indication of some intrigues against the country and few anti -nationals will be successful up to the some extant.
 Future of Major Politicians:
 Narendra Modi :
 The time phase of Prime Minister Modi is not good till October 2016.but from October 2016 he will be in a comparatively favourable dasha phase. As I predicted previously in 2014 that generally Sadhesati does not give necessarily bad results but in case of Narendra Modi this will give certainly bad phse because he his moon – Saturn vinshottary dasha phase is in operation. During sadhesati if one is in the dasha phase of moon or Saturn then there are least chances of good results.
 Sonia Gandhi:
No good news for Mrs. Gandhi because till November 2016 She will be in vinshottary dasha of Ketu-Rahu and Dwisaptaptisama dasha of Venus – Jupiter .the result of both dashas shows loss of reputation in the litigation cases and ill health. The afflicted Sun some bad results in litigation cases. Since November her Saturn DSS shall start which will prove fatal for her.
 Arvind Kejriwal :
 Arvind Kejriwal will remain in news and will be of long run despite many odds and evens in his career. The year 2016 shall be good for Arvind Kejriwal after mid February 2016.but august November months are not good. One more time may attempt to resign and will rollback his decisions. Rahu transiting over his ascendant Leo will provoke him many times. But there is some success also to his credit.july august and December is not good for him.
 Sushil Kumaar Singh is an expert in the Panel of A Times of India Astrology Website
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5 Months of Conceiving in 2016 - Child Birth Astrology

Child Birth Astrology
For predicting childbirth through Hindu Astrology the first, Fifth and ninth houses or their lords of the horoscope are analyzed. The Ascendant, Navamsa and Saptamsa divisional charts are considered and the both houses fifth and ninth are observed for the birth of the child but what about the timing of conceiving a woman.

Transit of Saturn
A woman can conceive only when the planet mars aspects the fifth house or fifth lord. But before this, the transit of Saturn must be observed. Saturn must aspect the both the houses or lord of those houses for the birth of a child. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn is also considered. Not only above mentioned four planets but even moon should be near the first house or lord of the first, fifth or ninth house or their lords. If above conditions are not applied, a woman cannot give birth to a child. For the birth of child both fifth and ninth houses are observed but for conception only fifth house is analyzed. Among many other parameters' aspect of transiting mars over the fifth house or on the lord of the fifth house is an important one.

Man: Sun & Venus, Woman: Moon and Mars
Beej and kshetra are other concepts to know the time of childbirth. In a male birth horoscope, the capacity to conceive is analyzed by the sun whereas the sperm is represented by Venus. And sun and Venus should be in male signs whereas in the women’s horoscope moon and mars should be considered for conceiving a woman

Conception of baby
For conceiving, a woman few important transits have to occur as 1. Ascendant lord transiting over fifth or seventh house and 2. Fifth lord and ninth lord transiting over ascendant. 3. Transit of Saturn over fifth or ninth house. 4. Transit of Jupiter over fifth house or fifth lord.
Transit of Mars
After these conditions, transit of mars is considered which is most important. Without the transit of mars over fifth house or house lord no woman can get conceived. From 20th February 2016 till July 2016 Mars will be transiting between Libra and Scorpio. Mars will be aspecting the Capricorn, Aries, Taurus when they are in Libra and aspecting the Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini when in Scorpio. Now a day readers of the astrology lessons also know astrology. For their knowledge if anyone has Aries Taurus Gemini Capricorn and Aquarius in their fifth house or the fifth house lord is placed in the Above signs there is the possibility of conceiving a child if the dashas too are favorable including the favorable transit of Jupiter.

Conception of child due to favorable Mars Transit
If anyone has no transit relation between the transiting mars and the above-discussed signs from their fifth house or their lords there is zero percent chances of getting conceived. So from February 20 till 12th July one shall get conceived if there is a favorable transit of mars.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The impact of Rahu transit in January 2016 over 12 Zodiacs: Do and Don'ts!

Rahu will be transiting over Leo sign Simha Rashi and Ketu will be transiting over Aquarius sign Kumbha Rashi on 9 January 2016 (at around 10:25 AM Delhi, India time) This transit of Rahu from Simha Rashi and of Ketu through Kumbha Rashi will be operational till 8 September 2017.the Rahu will be transiting in the Leo Simha sign with Jupiter already transiting there. So this Rahu and Jupiter conjunction will form Guru Chaandal yoga till 10th of august. Off course Rahu will be stronger and confer very good results, but at the same time Jupiter will be badly afflicted before entering Virgo Kanya sign.

The highlights:
* For the Aries married woman, there seem few problems in conceiving or repeated abortions are also possible.

*Taurus’s should avoid selling or buying property. Have had to repair cars and should avoid buying new ones.

*Gemini’s should take care of their cell phones, laptops because there are chances of theft and damage.

*Virgo’s may have to travel foreign countries suddenly.

*Scorpions relationship will get damaged with the elders’ seniors or bosses. Travelling a lot and sometimes transfers in the job is experienced. There are chances of humiliation. 

*For Pisceans, There are chances of getting involved in litigations and some penal events with authorities.
The transit will be decisive for politicians. Few politicians will be trapped badly in this transition phase. Few politicians will act out of their minds.

The impact of Rahu transit in January 2016 over 12 Zodiacs in detail.

Aries (impact of fifth house from Zodiac or ascendant):

If dashas phases are not good this transit is not good for students. A break in education or lack of concentration on the studies is also possible. For the married woman, there seem few problems in conceiving or repeated abortions are also possible. After many failures in the childbirth, native chooses to adopt a child during this transit.
Taurus :( impact of fourth house from Zodiac or ascendant):

Avoid any decision to sell or buy land or property. The native may decide to change his place all of a sudden for no reasons. This will not be a good time for the health of the grandparents. Don’t change your vehicle because you shall not be satisfied with the new one also. There shall be more than usual repairs of cars or bikes.

Gemini :( impact of third house from Zodiac or ascendant):

 There seem few problems to Co borne sailings. Gemini’s should take care of their cell phones, laptops because there are chances of theft and damage. There may be a miscommunication with siblings and also some kind of overconfidence which may harm in the work field.

Cancer :( impact of second house from Zodiac or ascendant):

The speech of the native may be harsh in this phase and he may consume liquor or beetles mulch or other addictive items. The native will have an increasing sense of suspicious feeling or skeptics. Relationship with family members may be strained.

Leo (impact of Rahu transit over Zodiac or ascendant):

Feeling of unconquered and delusions or hallucination is common during transit of Rahu over ascendant or Zodiac. Extremeness in behavior, moodiness and lack of confidence is experienced by the native.
Virgo (impact of twelfth house from Zodiac or ascendant):
There may be Fight with close family members.Keeping awake late into the night and addiction to bad habits. A chance to go abroad is possible suddenly. There are possibilities of huge and sudden loss. Lack of sleep or rest is experienced during the transit of Rahu.
Libra (impact of eleventh house from Zodiac or ascendant):

The temptation of making money by illegal and negative ways is experienced in this transit. Even the best person will have a company of notorious persons.Native shall lose good friends and make friends of bad immoral characters.

Scorpio (impact of tenth house from Zodiac or ascendant):

The hurdle in business and career is experienced in this transit. The relationship gets worse with the elders, seniors or bosses. Travelling a lot and sometimes transfers in the job is experienced. There are chances of humiliation.
Sagittarius (impact of ninth house from Zodiac or ascendant):

The extreme of unorthodoxy is experienced by the native.The native will be against the traditional rules and will experiment with new ideas. There are chances of visiting religious places. The native shall develop an interest in the occult.
Capricorn (impact of eighth house from Zodiac or ascendant):

The native will have sustained problems leading him to do some rescue acts, at the last moments to save situations. Students will not be able to perform better. The native may be interested in the occult and some time sorcery and black magic.
Aquarius: (impact of seventh house from Zodiac or ascendant):

Separation or divorce is experienced if the dasha phases are also not favourable. There are chances of betrayal by a lover. The native will start creating troubles with close friend postponements of travelling plans seem common.
Pieces: (impact of sixth house from Zodiac or ascendant):

Any disease may occur which drains the hard earned money. There are chances of losses in the stock market. The enemies will be stronger in this period and their numbers may increase. There are chances of getting involved in litigation and some penal events with authorities.